Work packages


The main objective of this WP is to define specifications and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for software platforms, EV sub-components and DEMOBASE EV car.


The main objective of this WP is to realize the simulation activities to support EV bricks and EV development:

  • To develop the collaborative software platform and set-up the commercial Amesim platform
  • To develop models of each brick of the vehicle
  • To develop the vehicle simulators


The main objective of this WP is:

  • To characterize the behavior of active materials, cells in case of abuse events,
  • Development of sensors and switches for battery safety,
  • EV vehicle safe design for passengers and recycling.


The objective of this work package is to construct a Demo vehicle based on the developed methodologies and the developed battery pack with the novel high energy density cells.

  • EV components and subcomponents design by simulation
  • Manufacturing of EV components and subcomponents
  • Integration in EV DEMOBASE


The objective of this WP is the validation of all previous achieved research results. As a reference for the validation process the results of WP1 will be used. The results out of WP2 and WP3 and especially the results of the integration WP4 will be validated in this WP. The validation of the different results is divided in four tasks, to cover not only the functional validation of the results, but also the validation of the global aims of the project and the evaluation of benefits for future systems based on the results. Further, a continuous follow up on the different project developments based on key performances indicators such as effort, calendar time, performances and automation provides a clear quotation of each activity and allows assessing the most efficient path to get drastic cost reduction.


The work package has the following objectives:

  • Set-up and apply a dissemination strategy to spread DEMOBASE results EU-wide
  • Plan and coordinate the participation in conferences, fairs, clustering events and inter-project harmonization, especially synchronization with other H2020 activities
  • Identify and implement exploitation mechanisms with the partners and other EU industries to ensure uptake and portability of DEMOBASE results beyond the planned applications within the project
  • Plan the standardization of DEMOBASE project results (manufacturing methods, qualification tools)
  • Summarize the overall DEMOBASE outcome in an evaluation report for wide-spread communication


The work package has the following objectives:

  • Overall project management, timely and efficient implementation of the work plan and continuous monitoring of all project activities (incl. tracking of milestones and deliverables)
  • Proactive management of project scope and objectives
  • Communication management within and outside the project (ensure that the WP results reach their addressees), including progress reporting (periodic/final reports) to the European Commission (EC)
  • Administrative management for the project, including distribution of the EC’s financial contribution to the consortium (through the Coordinator) according to the Grant Agreement; assistance in obtaining certificates on the financial statements from each of the participants; keep records and financial accounts as well as inform the EC of its distribution
  • Monitor that all relevant rules and regulations (contractual, legal, ethical, security) related to the project research areproperly considered and any relevant conventions are respected